Supporting parents and professionals in caring for babies

Learn more about how RIE’s child-care practices support your confidence while giving baby the best start in life.

The RIE Educaring® approach helps new parents and childcare providers:

  • Read baby’s cues and attune to their needs
  • Establish a firm foundation for your child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive growth
  • Set age-appropriate expectations for infants and toddlers
  • Know what babies need from you and what you can trust to develop naturally
  • Make the most of your time with baby — whether that’s all day long or nights and weekends
  • Balance your child’s and your family’s needs — and your own — without guilt
  • Learn to enjoy parenting and caregiving even more

“A respectful beginning is an investment in the future of the relationship between your child and you, your child and others, and in your child’s exploration of the world.”

— Magda Gerber, Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE) Founder

With an emphasis on mindful caregiving practices and free movement, we promote secure attachment and optimal early life experience for baby and parent.

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What Parents Say

  • “Speaking to Jennifer for an hour on the phone about RIE gave me a great wealth of insights and practical specifics that I hadn’t been able to glean from the written page.  Jennifer is so drenched in the philosophy and the art of its application that she brought RIE alive for me...”
  • “Jennifer's parent-child classes are unique and truly child-centered.  It is a place to come and turn off all the voices in your head and be humbled by children's great gift of learning by themselves and in a group, on their own time, with minimal and age-appropriate guidance from the teacher.”
  • “Through the classes led by Teacher Jennifer I have strengthened my awareness and observation of my child, which has made me more self-aware and relaxed as a parent, a true gift.”
  • “I still hold onto the classroom memories and find myself recalling the tone and atmosphere to help guide me through the day.”
  • “Attending this class gave me the time and chance to take a close look at them, how they learn and share, and how they communicate and handle conflict, how they grow up.”
  • “I now consider Jennifer one of my greatest coaches – my parenting coach – and I greatly appreciate the doors she has opened and the ideas and options for which she planted the seeds to grow.”
  • “The tools I have learned in Jennifer’s class have helped me become a better mom. The ability to respond to my two boys when they’re struggling without getting caught up in my own emotions is invaluable. I highly recommend this class.”