RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance Class™

For Mommy & Me… Daddy & Me… Or Nanny & Me…

Becoming a parent invites us to grow in ways we may not expect. My RIE® parent-infant (and -toddler) guidance classes™ provide a peaceful and safe environment where babies can be babies and new parents can relax, learn, and enjoy their child’s unfolding development.

Designed around the baby’s self-directed movement and play, we allow infants to move, explore, play, and engage with other infants.

As parents, we learn how to better understand our infants, to support their development, and to lay the foundation for a healthy relationship that will carry parent and child through life. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to respond to your baby’s needs, and enjoy them more.

Parents and babies alike find community in our classes. We explore practical concerns and bigger picture parenting issues with guidance from RIE’s Educaring® approach:

  • reading baby’s cues and responding
  • the natural development of movement
  • crying, sleeping, feeding/eating
  • language development
  • how babies learn discipline
  • developing strategies for challenging times
  • nurturing our babies for a secure future
  • setting up your environment
  • diapering and toilet learning
  • consciously using the space between baby’s action and our reaction

Groups are ongoing and remain together in continuous sessions until the youngest turns two, providing continuity and community for parents and infants alike.

An infant always learns. The less we interfere with the natural process of learning, the more we can observe how much infants learn all the time. — Magda Gerber

Class Schedule:

Register now for the 5-week session starting May 2 (through June 5), 2022 in Berkeley at Brilliant Births

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Infant Classes

For: Babies on their backs, (Not yet crawling)
about 3 month-6 months old

When: Not yet scheduled. Sign up for our waitling list to help form a class.

Learn how to read your new baby’s cues, respond and care for baby in a way that sets up a healthy emotional foundation and relationship for you and your baby.  Picking up baby, nursing, sleeping, bathing, diapering, addressing crying — all the essential care activities are covered, as well as issues with adapting to being a new mom or dad.  Getting comfortable with these topics will help you feel at ease with your baby and confident that you can meet their needs going forward.

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Mobile Baby Classes

For: Babies who are moving (rolling, crawling, but not yet walking)
about 7-11 months

When: Thursdays, 9-10:30 am

Your baby is moving! Learn how to support your mobile baby by setting up their environment, learning about the benefits of natural movement development, and getting a new perspective on diaper-changing and other care activities. You’ll meet other new parents and get support as you develop your own parenting style with the RIE framework.

Cost: $210 for the 5-week session

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Younger Toddler Classes

For: Babies who are walking
about 12-18 months

When: Thursdays, 11-12:30

The world is different with a walker. You need to recheck your space for safety. Their cognition and feeling life are expanding again and you’ll be working to support their budding independence even though they are still entirely dependent on you. This is an exciting and challenging time as a parent. You’ll gain community with other parents and your child will benefit from social interactions even while their key task is still bonding with you.

Cost: $210 for the 5-week session

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RIE classes are relaxing and enjoyable, even though they aren’t built around entertaining your baby. In these classes, we practice being fully present while we observe our babies to increase our understanding of who they are, what they are learning, and how we can best support them. It is simple, and magical. To get an idea of what class looks like, check out the videos of a wonderful class with LA-based RIE® Associate and noted author Janet Lansbury.

Please note: This isn’t a class where babies come to be entertained or taught. Babies come into life with a built-in agenda to learn and connect. In this class, we adults are the ones who are learning — about baby’s temperament, capabilities, interests, and needs. RIE helps us do that.

Their learning is best accomplished through their own self-directed movement and play. And connection happens and security is built when we attune to their needs and interests, especially during caregiving.  This is the powerful combination that sets the stage for a secure and confident baby.

To bring Parent-Infant classes to your school or organization, contact me.