RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance Class™

A class for Mommy & Me… Daddy & Me… or Nanny & Me… to grow on

A Facilitated Playgroup

RIE® parent-infant (and -toddler) guidance classes™ provide a relaxed and facilitated baby playgroup where babies can be babies, interacting with other babies, exploring age-appropriate toys, and enjoying free movement and gross motor challenges.

Because RIE classes are facilitated by a trained RIE Associate, they offer parents a time to observe their child, share experiences, gain insight, experiment with new approaches, and enjoy their child’s unfolding development. There’s something here for both of you.


Designed around the baby’s self-directed movement and play, we allow infants to freely move, explore, play, and engage with other infants. This is how babies are designed to learn and grow. The classroom  includes age-appropriate gross motor equipment that provides opportunities for infants to challenge themselves (if they choose).  I facilitate the babies’ interactions, play, and spot their movement so you can relax.

Early Relational Health

As parents, we learn how to better understand our infants, to support their development, and to lay the foundation for a healthy relationship that will carry parent and child through life. We’ll use the RIE techniques to develop your ability to discern your baby needs and your response. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to respond to your baby’s needs, and enjoy them more.

Understanding & Developing your parenting style

As we explore practical concerns and bigger picture parenting issues, I will demonstrate RIE techniques and share insights from RIE’s Educaring® approach, considered best practice in infant/toddler development.

    • reading baby’s cues and responding
    • the natural development of movement
    • crying, sleeping, feeding/eating
    • language development
    • how babies learn discipline
    • developing strategies for challenging times
    • nurturing our babies for a secure future
    • setting up your environment
    • diapering and toilet learning
    • consciously using the space between baby’s action and our reaction


Parents and babies alike find community in our classes. Groups are ongoing and may remain together in continuous sessions until the youngest turns two, providing continuity and community for parents and infants alike. Many families become life-long friends here!

“The more you invest in those first early years of parenting, the easier your life will be later on.”  — Magda Gerber

Class Schedule:

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Location:  Berkeley

Note: Register for the class that best suits your baby’s physical ability.

Toddler Class

For: Babies who are walking

Age: about 13-22 months

When: Thursdays, 9:30-11 am

Dates: January 12 – March 16, 2023 (no class January 26)

The world is different with a walker. You need to recheck your space for safety. Their cognition and feeling life are expanding again and you’ll be working to support their budding independence even though they are still entirely dependent on you. This is an exciting and challenging time as a parent. You’ll gain community with other parents and your child will benefit from social interactions even while their key task is still bonding with you.

Snack: This class includes a banana and water snack that the children may chose to participate in or not.

Cost: $405 for the 9-week session — THIS CLASS IS FULL

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Mobile Babies Class

For: Babies who are crawling, standing, cruising furniture or newly-walking

Age: About 6-15 months

When: Thursdays, 11:30 am-12:45 pm

Dates: January 12-March 16, 2023 (no class January 26)

Learn how to support your mobile, pre-walking baby by setting up their environment for safety and learning, learn about the benefits of self-initiated movement development, and get a new perspective on diaper-changing and other care activities as the core of nurturing. You’ll meet other new parents and get support for yourself as you develop your own parenting style with the RIE framework.

Cost: $378 for the 9-week session — THIS CLASS IS FULL

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Infant Class

For: Babies on their backs, learning to roll over or have rolled over

Age: 4 months (the minimum age)-8 months+

When: Thursdays, 1:45-3:00 pm

Dates: February 9 – March 16, 2023 (6 weeks)

You and your baby have moved through the newborn phase with days and nights starting to make sense. You’re learning your baby’s language and responding to specific needs and preferences. Now is the time to give your baby opportunities to lay on their back on the floor so they can discover their body and the joy of movement. You’ll learn how to tend to the foundational need for security while supporting optimal movement development. This is the beginning of a new phase in your life with baby where you can enjoy time together and small bits of time apart. You’ll gain community with other parents and your child will enjoy observing, encountering, and interacting with other babies.


Cost: $252 for the 6-week session

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Good to know:

At the current time, adults need to be vaccinated and wear masks for the protection of all. 

In order to allow you to relax, learn and enjoy, Jennifer will facilitate the babies in their social interactions and gross motor challenges, demonstrating the RIE approach to trusting in the infant’s competence, and intervening when needed. You’ll want to feel comfortable with sharing this responsibility with someone else.

As a demonstration class of RIE parenting and infant/toddler care, Jennifer will share information about infant/toddler development and occasionally be a guide on the side, inviting you to look at things with new eyes or try new approaches to common challenges. To get the most out of this class, you’ll want to feel open to new ideas or ways of seeing.

In this class, babies self-direct their movement and play and show us how they are constantly learning and taking their understanding to the next level.

We learn how to care for baby and attune to their needs and capabilities in a way that gives them the secure emotional foundation they need for life.

This nature and nurture approach is the powerful combination that sets the stage for a secure and confident baby.

To get an idea of what class looks like, check out the videos of a wonderful class with LA-based RIE® Associate and noted author Janet Lansbury.