RIE for Childcare

The Educaring® approach can help you achieve excellence in your group or family childcare program.

About Half of American Babies are in Childcare

Approximately 50% of infants and toddlers in the US spend time in childcare — whether that is center-based care, the care of a relative, or some other arrangement. It is known that the quality of care influences a wide variety of developmental outcomes and that higher quality care is associated with better developmental outcomes.

RIE in Childcare

RIE has been used in a variety of settings — from Early Head Start to In-home Family Care and University Childcare Centers — to provide infants and families with high quality, relationship-based care.

The beauty of Magda Gerber’s Educaring approach is that it isn’t about spending on more stuff or curricula. You can provide excellent care by reviewing what babies need and how caregivers spend their time.

What’s more, implementing the Educaring approach can mean staff who are less exhausted and more satisfied with their work.


Consultations start with a discussion of your goals as a childcare center. We then observe — children, the environment, staffing, procedures, assessments, parent communication — whatever relates to your goals.  We work together to implement strategies to meet your goals, ever mindful of your constraints.

RIE Solutions include:

    • Setting up environments that are safe, challenging and nurturing
    • Transforming caregiving tasks to enriching moments
    • Selecting play items
    • Individualizing care
    • Implementing primary caregiving
    • Gaining cooperation
    • Approaches to discipline
    • Partnering with parents
    • Approaches to assessment

Get Started

To bring RIE Educaring® concepts to your childcare center or support your staff, please contact me to discuss your needs and interests.

Infancy is a vulnerable stage of development, therefore, it’s not enough that babies receive good care, the care must be excellent. — Magda Gerber